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Plot Summary: “Amagi Brilliant Park 甘城ブリリアントパーク “; Seiya was forced to accept an invitation to an amusement park by the mysterious and beautiful girl Isuzu. What he didn’t know was that she would bring him to the decrepit Amagi Brilliant Park, Japan’s most disappointing amusement park. Seiya is introduced to the leader of the Park, the “real princess” Latifah, who suddenly entrusts him with saving the park, which is in danger of shutting down. Amagi Brilliant Park, it turns out, is not just any amusement park, but rather one populated by fairies.

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Plot Summary: “Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. 俺、ツインテールになります Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!”; Sōji is an ordinary high school student with an extraordinary love for pig tails (or “twin tails”). One day a mysterious girl from another universe named Thouars appears in front of him. At the exact same time, monsters begin attacking the city where Sōji lives, declaring they will drain the world’s energy in the name of the Twintails. Sōji receives a powerful armor from Thouars called “Tail Gear” which transforms him into a female Twintail warrior named Tail Red.

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Plot Summary: “Gundam Reconguista in G ガンダム Gのレコンギスタ”; The Universal Century, with its history of colonization and wars, passes into posterity, and time flows on. Mankind enters a new age of seemingly endless peace and prosperity called the “Regild Century”. The year is R.C. 1014. The Capital Tower, an orbital elevator, connects earth and space. Due to its role in supplying Earth’s power by transferring Photon Batteries from space, it is worshiped with a religious fervor. Bellri Zenam, a cadet in the Capital Guard formed to protect Capital Tower, is participating in his first non-simulated exercise when he is attacked by the powerful but unaffiliated “G-Self” mobile suit. He manages to capture the G-Self while piloting a “Recten” maintenance mobile suit. However, seeing the G-Self’s pilot, a young space pirate named Aida Rayhunton, stirs something within him, as does the G-Self which he was sure he’d never seen before. Why does the G-Self accept Bellri as a pilot?

Gundam.Reconguista.in.G.E06 .720p.HDTV.x264-Sage
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Plot Summary: “Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso 四月は君の嘘 “; Kōsei Arima was a piano prodigy until his mother died when he was eleven years old. The shock of losing her made him lose any interest in piano, and his life has felt monotonous ever since. Then, when he’s fourteen, his childhood friend Tsubaki introduces him to her classmate Kaori, a free-spirited violinist. Her enthusiasm reignites his interest in music and in life.

Shigatsu.wa.Kimi.no.Uso.E04.720p.HDTV.x264-Commie (ADD)
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Plot Summary: “Hitsugi no Chaika Avenging Battle 棺姫のチャイカ AVENGING BATTLE “; Second Season of the Hitsugi no Chaika series.Toru Acura is a 20-year-old retired soldier meandering through life post-war. He encounters Chaika Trabant, a 14-year-old sorceress carrying a coffin, and follows her in hopes of finding some semblance of meaning in his life again. The two are accompanied by Toru’s adopted sister Akari, the sole employed member of the group and thereby their source of sustenance.

Hitsugi.no.Chaika.Avenging.Battle.E04.720p.HDTV.x264-Anime-Koi (ADD)
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Plot Summary: “Gugure! Kokkuri-san 繰繰れ!コックリさん “; A little girl named Kohina ends up summoning a Kokkuri-san, a lower-ranking ghost in Japanese folklore. The Kokkuri-san she calls ends up being a white-haired handsome, young man. Although he had intended to merely haunt her at first, he becomes worried about her terrible eating habit of cup ramen for every meal, so he decides to haunt her in order to protect her.

Gugure!.Kokkuri-san.E04.720p.HDTV.x264-Anime-koi (ADD)
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 Pawn Stars S07E21 E22 HDTV x264 EVOLVE

“Rick’s a Riot” A 1969 Gibson Les Paul guitar; a backpack signed by members of the 2004 Los Angeles Lakers.
“Chum Fever” Two antique telephones; a rare porcelain bowl.

MKV | AC3 CBR | 476MB
MKV | AC3 CBR | 459MB



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“WWE Superstars” brings the Best of the Best matches of the week.

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“The Ol’ Mexican Spinach” In the Season 12 premiere, Walden asks for Alan’s help with adjusting his priorities in life after a health scare on Halloween.

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MKV | AC3 CBR | 453MB


“Too Big to Fail”Crosby struggles with slow business at the Luncheonette but receives some help from Jasmine. Meanwhile, Hank and Sarah plan a game night; and Drew tries to decide on a major and future career.

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