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“The Pittsy Shuffle Why Pitts Really Dipped” Chardonnay goes on Perez Hilton to redeem herself after Perez lambasts her wedding fiasco on national television.

MP4 | AAC VBR | 157MB
MKV | AC3 CBR | 503MB


Jason tries to keep the peace between Kelly and Chardonnay.

MP4 | AAC VBR | 265MB
MKV | AC3 CBR | 860MB


“The Space Probe Disintegration” While Raj eagerly awaits data from a space probe in which he was involved, Howard keeps distracting him. Later, dress shopping with Penny and Amy doesn’t exactly prove to be a good fit for Leonard and Sheldon.

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MKV | AC3 CBR | 420MB


The Doctor and Clara have to face their last ever Christmas – they find themselves trapped on a arctic base and under attack from terrifying creatures. They soon realise the only person who can save them is Santa Claus.

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MKV | AC3 CBR | 1.45GB


“The Clean Room Infiltration” On Christmas Eve, Amy plans a traditional Victorian dinner, while Raj, Leonard and Howard scramble to remove a pigeon that flew into the clean room at the university. To prove a point to Amy, a Scrooge-like Sheldon buys her the worst possible gift.

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 Pawn Stars S07E21 E22 HDTV x264 EVOLVE

“Game Over” A hovercraft; a set of Beatles bobblehead dolls from the 1960s.
“Flying High” A guitar signed by bass player Garry Tallent; a replica of a 1964 Peace dollar.

MP4 | AAC VBR | 147MB
MP4 | AAC VBR | 143MB


 Pawn Stars S07E21 E22 HDTV x264 EVOLVE

 “Reach for Raphael” A 1970s Ibanez guitar; a print allegedly done by Italian painter Raphael.
“Off to the Races” The book “The Big Bonanza”; an ancient Tibetan door.

MP4 | AAC VBR | 138MB
MP4 | AAC VBR | 165MB


“The Champagne Reflection” it’s a banner day for Sheldon as he bids a sad farewell to his “Fun With Flags” podcast. Meanwhile, Leonard, Howard and Raj probe a late professor’s research in search of some hidden significance; and Bernadette is surprised when Penny reveals how her co-workers really feel about her.

MP4 | AAC VBR | 140MB
MKV | AC3 CBR | 681MB


 Pawn Stars S07E21 E22 HDTV x264 EVOLVE

“Captain Rick” A medal that belonged to British explorer James Cook; a golf putter used in the 1963 Frank Sinatra Open Invitational tournament.
“McQueen Dreams” A letter from a WWI fighter pilot called Eddie Rickenbacker comes into the shop. Corey takes a look at a military swagger stick from 1865.

MP4 | AAC VBR | 141MB
MP4 | AAC VBR | 140MB


“The Septum Deviation” Leonard needs surgery for a deviated septum, and Sheldon gets his nose out of joint because he feels an operation is too dangerous and that his roommate may not make it out alive. Meanwhile, a distraught Raj learns his parents have divorced on the eve of their 40th anniversary.

MP4 | AAC VBR | 125MB
MKV | AC3 CBR | 436MB


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